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Throughout the past months our frequent flyers have shared a lot of travel experiences with us and have told us a number of funny, unusual or hair-raising travel stories. Today we want to focus on the experts from the industry who live and breathe air travel: the cabin crew. Which ones are their top tips and must haves to make a flight most enjoyable? Which advice can they give to frequent travelers from their unique perspective as pilots and flight attendants?

While short flights usually don’t pose a problem – what’s your best advice on surviving very long flights?

Flight attendant Evi Schwarzfischer: “Drinking a lot of water helps you to stay fit. When flying economy I pretty much don‘t eat anything. I don‘t like the food and not being able to stretch my belly while sitting hurts – so fasting makes you feel so much better after the flight!”

Private jet pilot Raymon Cohen: “The most important thing for me is on every flight I want to sit on an aisle seat. This is because I don’t like to climb over people to get to the toilet. This way you don’t have to disturb anyone.”

First Officer Emilie Christine: “Drink loads and loads of water! Flying is very dehydrating.  Wear loose or comfy clothes, and download podcasts or movies to watch ahead of time. This is where an extra phone battery charger can be handy!”

Speaking of long flights – even cabin crew battle jet lag sometimes. What are your top tips to prevent it?

Airbus pilot Patrick Biedenkapp: “I recommend to travel as comfortably as possible. I always take pajamas on flights. Get some sleep on board and don’t drink too much champagne. At the new destination I try to adjust to the new time as quickly as possible. If you are really tiered during the day take a nap of maximum 30 minutes.”

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What’s your top advice for those who want to travel light?

Flight attendant Elsa Teixeira: “When I travel, I care about having everything at my fingertips. That’s why I carry compact sizes to avoid forgetting things and take all necessary stuff without being cluttered.”

Airbus pilot Patrick Biedenkapp: “Traveling light starts with a light weighted suitcase of good quality. Fill big bottles of your toiletries into small containers and know which clothing you really need.”

Pilot Erik Proderutti: “Usually for a 4/5 days trip I travel “light”. My handbag and camera backpack are all I take with me. Jeans, t-shirts and some hoodies are all I pack. As a frequent traveler, I would like to give you some very good advice. Get yourself a good hand luggage suitcase. Whether you like to have a hard shell or a soft one, please be kind to yourself and get a good quality one. It will cost a little bit more, but it will be for life.”

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Even when traveling light there are some items that can make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable. What are the top must haves during a flight?

Private jet pilot Raymon Cohen: “I would advise you to buy a good noise cancelling headset, it stops the buzzing sound of the aircraft but it also cancels the sound of that screaming baby two rows in front of you. In my checked luggage I always bring a small foldable backpack and an extra long mobile phone charger. Especially in older hotels you don’t have a charger next to your bed.”

First Officer Emilie Christine has similar recommendations: “Toiletries, comfy sweats, headphones, battery/phone charger, a small collapsible backpack, my tablet, lip balm, extra socks, protein bars, a SIM card for my phone (if I’m going to a new country) and a change of comfy shoes!”

Pilot Erik Proderutti: “In my bag there’s at least a t-shirt and spare underwear, a handbag-ready toiletry kit with a toothbrush and some other essentials and, for me essential, MY CAMERA or (cameras).”

Flight attendant Evi Schwarzfischer: “I suggest comfy clothes, earplugs and a sleeping mask. In my hand luggage I always have a hot water bottle, a bottle of water and a tooth brush!”

We hope you enjoyed these top flight tips from our cabin crew ChackPackers! Be sure to check out our weekly posts for more frequent flyer insights and travel stories!

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