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Frequent Flyers’ Favorite Airports

As frequent flyers our ChackPackers naturally spend a lot of time at the airport. While some smaller airports offer little more than the runway and a coffeeshop, some airports could well pass as a little city with all their stores, restaurants, hotels and cinemas. In today’s post we have compiled our frequent flyers’ favorite airports all across the world. So, which are the top airports according to true travel experts?


First Class & More Founder Alexander Koenig named this airport as his favorite: “From a practical point of view it is Dusseldorf. Only 10 minutes to get there from the city, a modern airport with a reasonable size and a good choice of connections both domestic and international.”



Pilot Erik Proderutti knows that this airport has something very special to offer: “In my opinion the best airport view is in Venice (Marco Polo). If you are lucky enough to land there during daytime, be sure to get (or book) a window seat on the right side of the airplane (usually its row F) and during the very last moments of the flight you will be able to see Venice as never before. Same story is true for departure as well, but in that case you’ll see Venice from a way higher altitude. Trust me, the view is great (see picture below)!”


Amsterdam Schiphol

Portuguese Football National Team Captain Cláudia Neto feels very much at home there: “My favorite airport is Amsterdam Schiphol. It’s the airport where I spend a few hours dead between flights, I enjoy shopping and eating at some good restaurants.”

Singapore Changi

Founder of MeilenOptimieren.com Mark Wolter has a clear preference when it comes to long flights: “I’d have to say Singapore Changi. Its efficient, clean and offers lots of entertainment and dining options. It’s the perfect airport to spend a few hours between two long-haul flights.”



Pilot Erik Proderutti even gets to know some airports more in-depth than a regular passenger: “If it comes to flying to a destination, then handling-wise, I love Santorini. They are very kind, precise and helpful. If you land there around lunch or dinner time we are even able to ask them to get for us some typical greek food to be delivered on board and off we go, back in the air with some greek taste at FL350.”

But all in all our winner is…


Munich emerged as the clear favorite of our frequent flying ChackPackers:

Although not everybody quite agrees…

IT Professor Prof. Dr. Tobias Eggendorfer: “There are airports where fast lanes converge with the regular lane, creating awkward situations and slowing the process – Munich 1B being an example of how not to do it.”

…the airport has lots of fans among our ChackPackers:

dla Managing Director Marcel Ramin Derakhchan loves to start his business trips there: “For job-related travel my favorite airport is Munich Airport Terminal 1 due to the short distances. From taxi to gate it’s sometimes only 150m.”

InsideFlyer Managing Editor Steffen Hager: “I really like Munich Airport Terminal 2 as it’s a modern and bright building with kind of easy processes.”

“Business Hero” Lars Reichling: “My favourite airport for international flights is Munich. I love this airport as it is still „comfortable“ although it is really huge.”

Zalando Brand Manager Miriam Koren is a fan as well: “Honestly I must say my favorite airport is Munich. The new terminal is super nice, it is not so crowded, enough space, not so narrow hallways, nice shops and restaurants and the transfer is quite easy. Since neither Hamburg nor Berlin have many destinations as direct flights I always have to choose between FRA and MUC. That’s why I am in MUC so often.”


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