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Patrick Biedenkapp

is 29 years old, living in Berlin and has been a commercial pilot for 8 years. His career as a First Officer started on a private jet flying VIP clients in Europe. One year ago he switched to an airline and was upgraded to fly the Airbus A300. On social media he started to share his travel life in daily posts about two years ago. For him it has been a thrilling journey to inspire people and he is amazed by the opportunities he has been having through his following. Today he is talking to us about his travel experience as a pilot and social media influencer.

Thank you for being with us today, Patrick! So let’s get started: When and why did you decide to become a pilot?
I have always been fascinated by aviation. Already as small child I felt this fascination but it wasn’t really my desire to become a pilot – until I finished school and asked myself: what’s next? I love flying and traveling so being a pilot could be a really good fit and it really is. It has become my passion and I could not imagine doing something else. It was also my dad’s dream to become a pilot but he ended up being a CEO in the finical district. But he is happy that I am flying at least.

Pilot is definitely a dream job for many. What’s the best part of your job?
From heavy snowfall to sunny spring in less than one hour flight time. Like this morning. That’s the beauty of my job. You can enjoy my daily journeys on Instagram @pilotpatrick

How much time do you get to spend at the destinations you travel to for work and how do you like to spend this time?
This depends on the location. In Seville, Spain for example I get to spend 36 hours of rest time. But there are also locations with only 12 hours. Apart from sleeping and eating there is not much you can do. During longer layovers I like to visit the city, do fun activities with the crew and for a while now to take photos for my social media. I try to live like a local during layovers rather than being a tourist. If you’re interested in following a day in my life as a pilot, you can watch my latest vlog on YouTube.

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How do you prevent and battle jet lag?
Luckily I mainly fly within Europe so I don’t have to battle with jet lag during work. On private travels I recommend to travel as comfortably as possible. I always take pajamas on flights. Get some sleep on board and don’t drink too much champagne. At the new destination I try to adjust to the new time as quickly as possible. If you are really tiered during the day take a nap of maximum 30 minutes.

Your job as a pilot has probably altered your perspective on travel throughout the years. What’s important to you when traveling as a private person?
Apart from a comfortable flight connection I appreciate staying at a luxurious hotel. As a private jet pilot I got spoiled with nice hotels. Luxurious means for me friendly hotel staff and a spacious and clean hotel. A good breakfast is also a must. During my travels I have to feel myself. Good organization is also really important for me so you can benefit from a journey as much as possible!

What are your tips for traveling light? Is that something you aim for yourself?
Please don’t ask me how to travel light. Since my blogging became so successful I have to travel heavy. Electronic equipment and multiple outfits for shootings make my suitcase heavy. But traveling light starts with a light weighted suitcase of good quality. Fill big bottles of your toiletries into small containers and know which clothing you really need.

And of course last but not least: What’s the craziest story that happened to you as a pilot?
There are so many crazy stories that have happened to me as a pilot. That’s why I am planning to write a book about my aviation story. Recently, I had to pass security control in Paris. At this extra crew entrance pilots get treated like criminals. I had to open my suitcase and present all my liquids (luggage which goes in the cargo area) to the security officers. On top also my turmeric powder. I seriously had to taste it in front of them to prove that it is not an illegal substance. I am glad to have a valid reliability and background check.

Thank you so much for talking to us today, Patrick!

If you would like to follow Patrick on his aviation adventures be sure to check out his social media channels:

Blog | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Snapchat | Twitter

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