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Moritz Beck

is a digital nomad and founder of the blog www.deutschland-nomade.de. As a digital nomad and management consultant he is constantly on the move. No matter if bus, train, plane or ship – he enjoys being able to work anywhere and traveling as a digital nomad.

Please tell us a bit about the concept behind Deutschland-Nomade.de

The concept of DN is a simple one. I provide people who travel a lot with tips and tricks for mobile working and for easy and “fluid” traveling. In addition, I am always looking for deals for particularly nice business trips and opportunities.

What does being a digital nomad mean for your life?

For me, being a digital nomad means maximum freedom. Whether on the train or on the plane, in a lounge or at the hotel pool – I love being able to work anywhere. As a photographer, I often had to carry 8-10 pieces of luggage with all kinds of equipment with me – today one piece of hand luggage, a Macbook and an iPhone are enough for me to be able to work 100% at any time. This not only makes traveling easier but also gives me an incredibly good feeling of freedom. With my all-inclusive mobile phone contract I am able to create a hotspot in Europe and North America at any time and have internet access almost everywhere 🙂

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What does a regular work day in your life look like?

As a digital nomad I try not to have an everyday life but to experience something different every day. A few basic rules are of course already there. In the morning I check my emails and the accounting, then write some sales emails and in the afternoon my task is project management. Of course I’m also on the road for a purpose and regularly visit my customers on site all over Europe.

What are your best tips for traveling light?

Less is more! – For example, I only need a single charging cable for my Macbook, my EarPods, my iPhone and my iPad, because the product family is based on USB-C. I also use a single charging cable for my iPad. Furthermore, I always pack my things in such a way that I can get through the security check super fast. My ChackPack Air, for example, helps me a lot! A flick of the wrist and my liquids are ready for the security check 🙂

What are three things you can’t travel without?

  • Macbook
  • Iphone
  • NorthFace Backpack with my ChackPack Air inside

What’s your craziest travel story?

There are so many funny stories – but I’m sure one of the most unique experiences was when I was on my way from Berlin to Hamburg. Somewhere in between the two cities the train stopped and using an “emergency bridge” I had to climb from the broken ICE to the intact ICE.

Also, there are numerous lounge stays with very interesting people I will always remember. Traveling is always an experience! 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience as a digital nomad and blogger with us today, Moritz! We wish you pleasant travels in the future!

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