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Liana Schley

is a 19 year old fashion and travel influencer from Munich, who tries to fill up her passport as much as possible. She graduated from school three months ago and has since been traveling the world taking her followers with her.

Thank you so much for talking to us today, Liana! We hope you had a fantastic start into the new year! So first of all, please let us know: What’s important to you when you travel?

To see as much as possible and get an inside perspective of the countries that I visit, unlike your average tourist. In terms of luggage, something that I cannot live without is my earplugs for when I sleep on the plane or when I stay in a busy city.

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How do you travel as a blogger?

When collaborating with a restaurant or hotel, it is important to get as many good pictures as possible and to match the color scheme with my outfits. That takes a lot of planning and researching in preparation for the required pictures. Things like lighting, angles, colors, location and timing are very important. Thus, more work needs to be done when traveling as a blogger.

What are three things you cannot travel without?

Ear plugs, Victoria Secret body spray and my power bank.

How do you select the clothing and beauty items you take on a trip?

I flip a coin and eliminate my closet one by one 😉
Looking up locations beforehand is very important not only for the colors, but also the setting. Then I just grab everything in my wardrobe and try to create the perfect outfit for the specific setting, which takes up a lot of time.

What’s your favorite travel outfit?

Lulu lemon yoga pants, nike trainers, hoodie, a neutral shirt, a comfortable backpack and my Thrings hair band.

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Which place in the world is your favorite so far and why?

I really like South Africa, Prague and Beijing. Every place is unique in its own way, it would be very hard to pick my favourite place. For example, i fell in love with the temples and peaceful nature in China, I loved the nature and the people of Sri Lanka, the architecture and life in Prague intrigued me and in South Africa the different cultures and ways of living are something that makes me want to go back.

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What’s your craziest travel story?

I stayed in Florida for a couple of months. After waking up one day and heading to the kitchen to make myself breakfast, I heard some very interesting noises coming from the backyard. At first i was frightened because of the scary nature of the noises, but went to have a look nonetheless. I then saw a family of bears, with the cubs having fun in the pool while the mother was watching on. They did not hesitate to use our pool toys and make them their own.

Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience, Liana! We wish you pleasant travels in 2019!

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