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Top Frequent Flyer Travel Destinations

With winter being officially over, travel season is just around the corner. Today we would like to introduce you to the top travel destinations recommended by our ChackPackers throughout the past year. We will have a close look at the destinations that most stood out to experienced travelers and why they named them as their favorites. Also, we’ll be looking at the top destinations that are still on the bucket lists of those who have already been around (almost all of) the globe.


Lifestyle blogger Norbert ‘Bru’ Ambros says about his favorite city: “Munich offers all I love. With a 45 min way you can have fun in the mountains like biking, skiing or snowboarding. There are so many lakes around where you can enjoy a day on the beach during summertime. I also love the Munich Beergardens and the Parks, that give you a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. You can even surf on the Eisbach in the middle of town. But you have also the stylish bars and restaurants only available in a big city.”



Wellness hotel tester and blogger Andrea Labonte shared some very fond memories of this magical place with us: “We were accommodated on an island and our villa consisted of three different tent-like bungalows. You got this outdoor feeling and throughout our entire stay we didn’t encounter any other tourists. It was just my husband and I and our butler. He went snorkeling with us, we dined on the beach in the evening and nobody else could be seen. The feeling of luxury set in right when we arrived: we had a contact person who only took care of our needs. We could take a shower right upon arrival and were offered a cool refreshing drink. There were no queues at check-in. We then flew on to our island by seaplane and the VIP program continued there as well. We really felt like celebrities because it was such an exclusive travel experience.”


Southern US

Design Project Lead and photographer Robert Götzfried loved this region: “As a photographer I have to say that the trips through the southern States of the US were my favorite. I‘m a big fan of Bluegrass and Country music and there‘s no better place to go than Nashville when you‘re into that kind of thing. That‘s where I shot my series „Fill‘er up!“ and „People of the South“. I met so many nice people and saw a lot great concerts! Check out Mandoline Orange – they are a blast!”



One of her most memorable trips took fashion and travel blogger Vera Hutterer all across this fascinating country in the heart of Europe: “A car journey through France – 3,700 km in ten days from Munich via Switzerland through Italy to the Cote d’Azur and further through the French Massif Central and back – in a roadster that was quite small and not very comfortable. I felt as if I lived in the car. But I experienced all the beauty of the South of France. I traveled through Provence to the most beautiful beaches, experienced the medieval beauty of the truffle region Uzes, went further to the origin of the Loire and along the river course past wonderful castles and palaces. It was definitely the “craziest” but also one of the most beautiful journeys in my life.”


Arctic and Antarctica

Although not the most welcoming climate to stay in, Antarctica and the Arctic still manage to impress even those frequent travelers who have seen most places on this earth.

Adrian Rohnfelder, landscape photographer with a passion for ice and fire has been to this continent most people likely never set foot on: “As far as landscape is concerned, the answer to the question regarding my favorite destination is quite simple: Antarctica. In this place I could have just cried out of happiness, peace and beauty and I feel a deep longing to return one day.”

Marketing professor Felicitas Morhart described one of her most memorable flights to us: “It just happened to me lately that I sat in my seat on my flight from Munich to L.A. and I started crying, when I looked out of the window and saw this white, icy, untouched beauty of the Arctic sea and mountains. I think this was a moment of „awe“; when you feel so small and unimportant compared to this vastness and perfection, this divinity of nature.”


Islands in the South Pacific

Sebastian Kühn, founder of Wireless Life, would like to experience peace and solitude: “I would love to go to these small islands in the South Pacific (Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, …) by cargo ship. Some of these islands seem so remote since they don’t have airports which is why I imagine that they are really untouched and authentic.”


Honorable Mentions

Pilot Emilie Christine is always on the lookout for adventure: “My partner and I had an incredible time in Paklenica, Croatia and I absolutely loved Western Australia as well. Back home, I am lucky to have the Rockies in my backyard for constant exploration and hikes!”


Sebastian Kühn is self-employed and can easily choose his favorite location to work from: “Tibet was definitely very special to me because of the nature, history and kind people. For a long term stay with good quality of life, I’m a big fan of northern Thailand.”

At 19 years old, travel and fashion influencer Liana Schley has already visited some of the most worthwhile destinations on the planet: “I really like South Africa, Prague and Beijing. Every place is unique in its own way, it would be very hard to pick my favourite place. For example, i fell in love with the temples and peaceful nature in China, I loved the nature and the people of Sri Lanka, the architecture and life in Prague intrigued me and in South Africa the different cultures and ways of living are something that makes me want to go back.”


Travel photographer Michael Wagener is still impressed with his experiences in the east: “Ladakh in northern India and Nepal are truly captivating with their breathtaking landscapes. The people of Iran impressed me with warmth and curiosity. Everywhere you look you can find the charm of our planet.”


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