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Frank Thiele

is a managing partner at factor product. He helps international brands to innovate and excite their audience by design. His team also designed the original ChackPack bag. Today he is sharing his personal travel experience with us!

Frank, thank you so much for being with us today! Let us know – what do you love most about traveling?
Travelling is inspiration for me.  As a designer and creative consultant I am constantly seeking new ideas. Observing people in their daily lives and routines is a great source of inspiration. When you are travelling you get a lot of impressions  if you keep your eyes open. Airports are magic places for me. They are full of energy and the world feels close.
As a frequent traveler do you have a crazy travel story to share with us?
Some years ago I traveled in South America. We booked a very cheap flight somewhere in a small village in Colombia. When we got to the gate it turned out that we had booked a cargo flight. No proper seats, no service and all around us frozen fish!
That sounds like quite the once-in-a-lifetime experience though! So if spending the flight in the company of frozen fish isn’t your cup of tea what do you enjoy doing on a plane instead?
A long distance flight is great for reading books that you never have the time for.  I also enjoy working on ideas and sketching. I rarely watch movies or play games. On a short flight I prefer to relax and have a short power nap.
As we’re talking of long distance flights – what are your best tips to survive a long flight?
Eat little and preferably vegetarian. Try to drink one glass of hot water every hour.  Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf or blanket when you are sleeping. Get some noise cancelling headphones.
Your team has designed the original ChackPack bag. So you’ve pretty much been a ChackPacker from the very start. What goes into your ChackPack when you travel?
My ChackPack carries the typical essentials like tooth brush, deodorant and a shower gel. It’s the first item I put in my bag when I am packing for a trip.
Do you have more tips for traveling light?
Use a small bag, because that limits you automatically. Continuously optimize your packing list after a trip. Use an e-book reader to avoid carrying heavy books. Buy T-Shirts made from Merino wool. You can wear them for several days without washing.

Thank you for talking to us today and pleasant travels!
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