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Anna Reinwald

is a 22 year old student consultant originally from lake Tegernsee. For her bachelor studies of economics she moved to Konstanz two years ago, where she joined the student consulting club “Bodensee Consulting e.V” during her second semester. After undergoing a traineeship Anna Reinwald became the event manager at first and was eventually elected as president. As president she was responsible for external affairs such as customer relationships, cooperations and the marketing team. She is currently spending a semester abroad at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, which is why she had to resign from office.

Thank you so much for talking to us today! First of all: how do you travel as a student consultant?

Traveling as a student consultant differs a lot from traveling as a regular consultant. Most of our projects are located around Lake Constance. As student consultants we aren’t at a client’s project from Monday till Thursday. However, we offer our members a large spectrum of different events in and around Konstanz which also include Switzerland and Austria. As Konstanz is not connected very well by public transport, sometimes it can be quite difficult to get around. Being a member of the JC Network (the largest organisation of student consultant clubs in Germany) means that I have the possibility to take part in conferences twice a semester in different cities in Germany. Last semester these conferences took place in Freiberg and Leipzig so me and my colleagues had to travel across the whole country.

What’s important to you when traveling?

Normally our trips are not so long but nevertheless it’s still important to arrive without stress and in a serious appearance. Most of the times I can’t change my clothes as soon as I arrive, so I try to travel in a comfortable way. Being students we moreover try to travel on a lower budget. Most of the times we take one of the members’ car or travel by train.

What’s different for you when you travel privately vs. as a consultant?

Currently I am on my exchange semester in Bergen and explore Norway during this time. I still try to travel on a low budget but me and my friends often fly to a town, rent a car there and start a road trip from there or from our current home town Bergen. When I am traveling privately, I am a great fan of doing road trips and I try to visit a lot of places. I don’t have to get from one place to another on the fastest way, but prefer traveling in a relaxed manner. Furthermore, I always take sport clothes with me for exploring my surroundings in a sportive way, for example by hiking in the mountains.

What are three things you can’t travel without?

My smartphone, a bottle of water to make sure I stay hydrated and chewing gums.

What are your tips for traveling light?

As soon as I know what I want to do, I plan my outfits and the things I’ll be packing accordingly. This means that I don’t carry useless things. Moreover, I have all my cosmetics in small packaging sizes. Spending half a year backpacking after finishing high school, I learned to travel with only one backpack. Now I always try to remember this experience when I am packing my things for the next trip as it makes traveling so much easier.

What’s your favorite travel outfit?

When I am on my way to a client, an event or some other business meeting, I always wear my business outfit on the trip as I have no chance to change my clothes. Therefore, it’s very important to wear something that doesn’t wrinkle and is still comfortable. Traveling privately I prefer a sportive look.

What’s your craziest travel story?

Last semester, me and my team spent a weekend of internal training in the Black Forest. For me it was the first time I was driving through the Black Forest and I planned to be there before all my colleagues arrived. Me and our event manager left Konstanz a few hours before everyone else driving there in two cars because we were carrying the food. On the way to the cabin I lost the way because my navigation system didn’t know the exact place and I thought it would not be so difficult to find. Arriving in the Black Forest, I realized that everything looked the same and my smartphone lost connection. However, I thought about asking someone for the right way in a close-by village, but they also didn’t know the cabin I was looking for. Finally, after 5 hours of driving, I made it to the cabin, where everyone was waiting for me and our food.

We are glad you didn’t get lost and came back to tell the story! Thank you so much for sharing your travel expierence with us today and we wish you very pleasant travels in the future!

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