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Moritz Duschl

is working in the toy industry for one of the ten largest toys suppliers worldwide. Leading the group’s controlling department he is in charge of controlling and finance as well as the customs department. Today he talked to us about his corporate travel experience.

Thank you for being with us today! You’re working in the toy industry. In which way is traveling part of your job there?
Our toys are produced and distributed through over 40 subsidiaries worldwide. Staying in personal contact with my colleagues as well as being on site personally is key in our business.

If you had to condense it down – what’s most important to you when you travel?
Being on time!

You surely have been to quite a few places. Which place in the world have you not been to yet but would you love to travel to and why?
Australia as it is the only continent missing in my portfolio.

Do you have a crazy travel story to share with us?
Once I was on a plane from Munich to Copenhagen. The plane was ready for takeoff and had already been standing on the runway for half an hour as we had to return to the parking position. Nobody knew what was going on until the pilot made the announcement that one passenger refuses to put the seatbelt on. Back at the parking position a huge discussion started at the end of the plane between this passenger, his company and the crew. From my seat I could not see these passengers. The discussion went on with the pilot, followed by the security crew until the police had to come and bring these passengers out of the plane. Unbelievable – but as it turned out these passengers were kids and only about 15 years old. At this time we had already been delayed for 2 hours, and unfortunately I missed my connecting flight from Copenhagen to Norway.

Wow – that sounds like a lot of unnecessary hassle! Well, given that you actually make it up into the air, what do you enjoy doing on the plane?
I usually use the time to go through my mails and prepare my visits. And of course during overnight flights I try to sleep as much as I can.

That’s always a very good idea on overnight flights! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us today! We wish you pleasant travels and fellow passengers who understand the purpose of a seatbelt!

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