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Emilie Christine

is an adventure and travel junkie.  She loves being outdoors and participating in any activity that gets her heart rate up.  Emilie works full-time as a First Officer, flying a Q400 for a regional airline, WestJet Encore.  Her daily life consists of laughing, listening to and finding new music, working out at the gym, being playful, exploring and going on adventures.  She flies generally at least 4-5 days per week and also occasionally instructs in the simulator for initial pilots starting with her company.

Thank you for talking to us today, Emilie! First of all, let us know: When and why did you decide to become a pilot?

I decided to become a pilot in 2010 after I had been working full-time as a Registered Massage Therapist.  I wanted to travel and explore the world and wanted something more adventurous in my life.  Becoming a pilot seemed like a great option for all this!

What would you say is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is being able to travel anywhere around the world and having access to this.

That sounds like the perfect job for a travel and adventure lover! What do you like to do during layovers?

During layovers I can sometimes be limited in options, but I often try and workout, and then go exploring.  Whether it be some local hike, or nature feature, or going out to sit down at a restaurant with my crew.  I usually like exploring on my own though, so it can be perfect to head out for a run, or go for a peaceful walk as well.

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You are also very passionate about the outdoors – what are your favorite destinations for outdoor activities?

I don’t have one yet!!! I am always on the lookout for more and have so many spots on my list I want to explore that I simply can’t choose.  My partner and I had an incredible time in Paklenica, Croatia and I absolutely loved Western Australia as well. Back home, I am lucky to have the Rockies in my backyard for constant exploration and hikes!

As a pilot you are a true air travel insider – what are the things that are always in your luggage?

Things that are always in my luggage: toiletries, comfy sweats, headphones, battery/phone charger, small collapsible backpack, my tablet, lip balm, extra socks, protein bars, SIM card for my phone (if I’m going to a new country), change of comfy shoes!

What would be your top tips for making a flight enjoyable?

Drink loads and loads of water!! Flying is very dehydrating.  Wear loose or comfy clothes, and download podcasts or movies to watch ahead of time. This is where an extra phone battery charger can be handy!

What’s the craziest story that ever happened to you as a pilot?

Back when I was a Flight Instructor, my student mistakenly thought he had to run our emergency drill (instead of verbalizing it only) to shut down our engine after I simulated an engine failure.  He went and pulled the mixture out (which is essentially our gas) at about 400 feet above the ground! I had to react quickly and stop him from actually giving us a real engine failure!

Wow, thank you so much for talking to us today, Emilie! We wish you pleasant flights and lots of adventures in the future!

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