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Miriam Koren

is brand manager for zLabels GmbH, which is part of Zalando. She is responsible for the modern contemporary unit as team lead for commercial success of the private labels Anna Field, Zalando essentials and Kiomi. Living in Hamburg traveling is an integral part of Miriam Koren’s job as she has to commute to Berlin every week. Her career started in Fashion Design and changed later on into Buying and Product Management. As she has always been interested in other cultures her job now allows her to combine her passion for fashion and travel. Today she’s talking to us about her life and travel experience as a brand manager.

Thank you for being with us today! First of all – in which ways is traveling related to your job as a brand manager?

I have to visit my suppliers constantly together with my team, we select new samples and negotiate on spot. Thanks to my job I was already able to visit interesting places like the grass lands of Inner Mongolia to visit my cashmere suppliers. In my private live I maybe would never have experienced this. Fairs and inspirational trips are also part of my Job. I must say there are worse things on earth than traveling to New York City for a 1 week store check to see the new trends 🙂

As fashion is a large part of your job and your travels – what’s your favorite travel outfit?

I am not a person to travel in jogging pants. I personally do not like it. My favorite travel outfit is my rib knit dress, sneakers and a big huge scarf. The dress is super comfy and still keeps its shape after a night on a long distance flight and a scarf is a must, since you never know if the aircon could be too strong.

As a fashion enthusiast it’s not always easy to travel light. What are your top tips?

I try to pack only pieces that can be combines with each other in different ways. For a long supplier trip with various destinations I even make a little plan, to see how many flight outfits are needed, how many days and nights I will be in a specific climate zone so that I can check my wardrobe accordingly. Minimizing the luggage can be quite challenging especially as a woman if you work in fashion 🙂 but over the years I became an expert.

You have already gathered quite a bit of travel experience and have surely developed your own ‘style’ of traveling. What’s most important to you when you travel?

I always take my sports gear with me, so that I can go to the gym or go for a run after a long flight. I try to make each trip for my team not only a work trip, but to ensure that we can enjoy the stay with a good life / work balance, to try new interesting restaurants and to see a bit of the culture if possible.

If you had to pick one item from your hand luggage you can’t live without what would it be?

My iPad.

Spending a lot of time traveling always means spending quite a bit of time at the airport as well. Which one’s your favorite airport and why?

My first thought was Hong Kong, but honestly I must say my favorite airport is Munich. The new terminal is super nice, it is not so crowded, enough space, not so narrow hallways, nice shops and restaurants and the transfer is quite easy. Since neither Hamburg nor Berlin have many destinations as direct flights I always have to choose between FRA and MUC. That’s why I am in MUC so often.

Thank you so much for sharing your travel insights with us today, Miriam! We wish you pleasant travels!

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