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Inka Reichert

is a filmmaker, journalist, and a passionate surfer. In 2012, she moved from Germany to Valencia to be close to the sea and the sun. With her award-winning documentary White Waves she is raising awareness for the unseen pollution in the sea and those who are striving to fight it. Traveling across the beaches of Europe Inka Reichert and her team collect and document their experiences and meet other surfers who fight for clean oceans and seas. Today she is talking to us about her life as a traveling journalist and filmmaker.

Thank you so much for being with us today! So how exactly is traveling related to your job?
Especially the last four years I traveled a lot for the shootings of our documentary White Waves. We visited surfers all around Europe that are fighting against the pollution in the sea. Also, I am working for German television. I am flying to Germany regularly to attend meetings.

travel-like-a-chackpacker-interview-filmmaker-journalist-inka-reichert white waves

As you have chosen a career that involves a lot of traveling – what do you love most about traveling?
It is always a little adventure and you never know what to expect. When you travel, you leave home and your comfort zone, so you are more open to new people, cultures and places, so you always make great new experiences.

So is there anything you couldn’t travel without?
For me that’s really the essentials – my tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and contact lens liquid.

What are your tips for making traveling light and easy?
As I travel a lot, especially for the short trips to Germany, it’s a great idea to always have a bag pre-packed and ready to go! As for traveling light, only bring your hand luggage and have everything for the basic needs prepared, like the hygienic pouch.

Which place in the world would you love to travel to and why?
Sri Lanka, Bali, Philippines – to surf perfect waves in tropical weather conditions :-).

That truly sounds like paradise! 🙂 Thank you so much for talking to us today and for sharing your personal travel experience!

Now of course, dear readers, we want to give you a glimpse of Inka Reichert’s fantastic work. Enjoy!

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