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Norbert ‘Bru’ Ambros

…runs the blog BRU’s – a lifestyle blog for men who appreciate and enjoy the good things in life: on his website Norbert ‘Bru’ Ambros writes about high class travel and fashion as well as cars, culinary experiences and outdoor adventures. Based in his favorite city Munich Bru values quality and exclusivity in his purchases and lifestyle choices. He’s writing his blog for men like himself: sophisticated and ambitious, young at heart and with a sense of humor. Today we are talking to Bru about his personal travel experiences:

Bru, thanks for talking to us today! Let us know: what’s most important to you when you travel and why?
The most important thing when traveling is: just relax! If you are stressed you are about to spoil your journey. For exampIe, I hate being in a rush on the way to the airport. You don’t have to be there two hours before boarding but it’s better to spend some time at the gate than starting your trip with a whole lot of stress.

How is traveling related to your job?
As a blogger I fly a lot. I also do work for an international bank which requires me again to use planes. To put it in a nutshell: flying is essential for me.

As an experienced traveler – what are three things you can’t travel without?
I cannot travel without my mobile for it is my calender, my P.O. box, my adress book, my map and my music player that gives me the possiblility of switching off everything around. And of course, I need my small bag filled with all the stuff to freshen up like toothbrush, moisturizer, deodorant and perfume.

Style and quality are important to you when it comes to fashion. What’s your favorite travel outfit?
My favorite travel outfit is comfortable, cozy and doesn’t wrinkle. Sometimes I wear jogging pants combined with a casual jacket; a bomber jacket is also pretty comfortable and stylish. And with a hoodie you can make yourself comfortable even in an economy seat…

Of all the places you’ve been to Munich is your favorite city – what makes it so special to you?
Munich offers all I love. With a 45 min way you can have fun in the mountains like biking, skiing or snowboarding. There are so many lakes around where you can enjoy a day on the beach during summertime. I also love the Munich Beergardens and the Parks, that give you a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. You can even surf on the Eisbach in the middle of town. But you have also the stylish bars and restaurants only available in a big city. And: For me as a native Bavarian it’s simply home.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Bru!


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